A Holiday Message for Pod Chat Listeners

A quick holiday message from Danny to all the Pod Chat listeners and followers.

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Hi, Danny here from Pod Chat. I just want to send this quick holiday message to you. First, thanks for listening to the show and for sharing your feedback after each episode. It's helped Pod Chat quickly become a regular destination for both podcasters and businesses in the podcasting industry, so my sincere thanks for that. The show will return on January 20 with some excellent guests that are doing some really cool things in the podcast space, including making audience data even easier to understand and take advantage of for your podcasts and goals. Until then, you can catch the latest updates in the podcast newsletter over at where you can keep up to date with all things podcasting until the show's return next month. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing holiday period with friends, family and loved ones, and here's to what promises to be an exciting year ahead in the world of podcasting. Take care and happy podcasting.


Did you know every time podcast gets an interview, a baby podcaster takes the first steps? Help a baby podcast to walk today by leaving a five star rate in a review on the likes of Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more. Just head on over to and do your magic. These little feet are counting on you.

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